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CRI's Oil Absorbent Recycling Process

CRI's Oil Absorbent Recycling Process


CRI uses an environmentally friendly process for recycling oil absorbent material. The process generates:

  • No wastewater effluents
  • No oily absorbent landfilling
  • No air emissions
  • Recycled oil
  • Recycled absorbent
  • Other recycled materials

The process, which CRI has developed, is extremely effective in cleaning used oil absorbent materials. CRI's recycling process is the only true recycling program available for sorbent materials. The process has no wastewater effluents, requires no landfilling of any residual material and has no air emissions from the oil contaminants reclaimed. No water is used with CRI's recycling process therefore no wastewater is generated. All of the recyclable end products are reused; thus no landfilling required.

The physical and chemical properties of the solvent used in CRI's process along with the physical properties of the absorbent materials enable effective cleaning to occur. CRI's process uses a non-CFC solvent to clean the used absorbent materials. The cleaning process is run as a batch process, which enables individual Customer and material tracking. With each batch, 99+% of the cleaning solvent is recycled.

CRI's absorbent recycling process is environmentally friendly, effective, and cost competitive. The process can remove petroleum-based contaminants from absorbent material to a level of 98+%. The appearance of the material and the material's reabsorbancy is comparable to that of the virgin material.

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