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Standard Dimpled Pads and Rolls

Standard DIMPLED Pads and Rolls. These are made of Melt Blown polypropylene and are the best product for most applications. Most have several layers and are bonded to stay together. The pads are very absorbent, wick and capture fluids well. As the Pads absorb fluids the color changes, they become darker in color, so you can tell when they are saturated and need to be changed. These Pads are easy to position to capture the fluids quickly and efficiently. The idea is to collect the fluids quickly and not let them spread, avoiding puddles and drips in traffic areas, which could cause a slip or fall, whenever possible. The Dimpled pads also are available on rolls and can be folded over to use like a sock, along the machine to quickly capture fluids as the leak down the machine before they make a mess or become a safety issue on the floor. The Pads are 16” x 19”, 3 bags with 100 pads per bag equal a drum. The rolls are perforated so that they can be separated into 19” wide rolls 144’ long, and every 16” of the 144’ as well. 3 – 19” x 144’ rolls equals a drum. Hydrophobic Melt Blown Pads, Rolls and Socks are available as well. They are white and will not soak in water.

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