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End Products

Recycling Process End-Products

1. Granular Absorbent Material (that meets gradation specification) - Recycled into granular absorbent material and returned to customers for reuse as absorbent material.

2. Granular Absorbent Material (that does not meet gradation specification, too fine) - Recycled into fine gradation absorbent material or disposed of as a solid waste (after recycling process is completed).

3. Other Materials Included in Drum(that do not meet absorbent gradation specification) - These materials (pop cans, food wrappers, coffee cups, etc.) are processed along with the absorbent materials, separated out and then disposed of as a solid waste.

4. Polypropylene Mat, Pad and Sock Material (that meet reuse standards) -  Materials are processed and all oil, grease and other petroleum contaminants are removed. Materials are then shredded and the fibers are used as filler for absorbent socks.

5. Polypropylene Mat, Pad and Sock Material (that do not meet reuse standards) -  Materials are shredded and compacted to remove the oil.  The oil free material is then sent to a waste to energy facility. 

6. Oil filters –Oil filters are shredded to separate the metal from filter paper media.  The metal is processed to remove the oil, burned to remove paint and sold to a foundry.  The oily paper media is compacted to remove the oil and then sent to a waste to energy facility.

7. Used Oil (Extracted from Absorbent Material and oil filters) - Extracted oil is either remanufactured into low grade lube stock or sold as fuel to asphalt plants.

8. Metal Chips Removed from Used Absorbent Material - When requested, chips are returned to generator (after recycling process is completed) for reuse in their manufacturing processes. All other chips are separated and sent to scrap yard for recycling.

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