Smart Solutions



At CRI we take great pride in offering our customers a smarter, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly waste stream solution. In fact, CRI is the only true recycling service company for recapturing and reusing petroleum-based products from oil absorbent materials. Our processes are so intelligent, they’re always one step ahead of the competition. For example: when you send CRI your used steel or paper oil filters, they’re crushed with our auger compactor, extracting and reusing 98% of the fluids — but unlike our competitors, we recycle the steel and the paper as well, making good on our zero landfill promise to you and the environment.

When extracting fluids from reusable oil absorbent products, we heat our cleaning chambers to 200°F, while exerting 200 lbs./square in. of pressure on the soiled materials. Each of the three cleaning chambers has the capacity to hold two fifty-five gallon drums of soiled absorbent materials. Once this process is complete, the reusable oil absorbent products are sent to our lab for comprehensive quality control testing. This ensures that all the oil is removed from our absorbent products before they are sent back to our customers for reuse. Since 1998 these smart solutions have helped hundreds of customers save money on their waste stream management while helping us save the environment.


One Bin Does it All: CRI’s Exclusive 2-Yard Bin Program

At CRI we offer an exclusive turnkey solution for the removal, recapture and recycling of bulk oil debris and absorbents. With our 2-yard, 300 gallon bins we provide a simple cost-efficient and environmentally concise solution that you simply won’t find at one of our competitors because… there’s no need for sorting! Just place your non-hazardous oily filters, wood, plastic, cardboard, hoses and metal in the bin and when it’s full, we’ll haul it away, extract the used oil, recycle 100% of the bin’s contents and return it to you to fill up again.