One Vendor Solution





One cost, one invoice — one expertly managed waste stream. When you partner with CRI for your waste stream management needs, things get real easy, real fast. Gone are the days of worrying about possible environmental hazards, fines, piles of oily rags and multiple invoices from multiple vendors — we handle it all. With consulting services, products, delivery, pick up and recycling all under one roof, we are able to offer a turnkey solution that saves you money.
Our expert account managers conduct a thorough waste stream audit and create a waste removal and product delivery schedule to meet your needs. Then our trucks roll in delivering our high-quality oil absorbent materials, collection drums and 2-yard bins. Once your bins are full we pick ‘em up, recapture the waste oil, recycle the absorbent products and return to your facility with a new batch of fresh, clean products.
You get all that for just one cost from one vendor — CRI Environmental Solutions.