Waste Stream Recycling Services



Today, virtually every business puts being green near the top of their agenda, but sometimes business is messy. That’s where we can help. At CRI Environmental Solutions we take the burden and stress of your non-hazardous petroleum-based waste materials off your plate, efficiently managing your waste stream, minimizing impact on the environment, saving you money and complying with ISO 14001 continuous improvement objectives.




Step 1: Your Facility Generates Waste

Our expert account managers conduct a comprehensive waste stream analysis of your facility, schedule pick up and delivery based on your needs — developing a turnkey waste stream management solution you can count on.


Step 2: CRI Drops Off Oil Absorbent Products

Next we leap into action. Our trucks roll in delivering the oil absorbent products, disposal drums and 2-yard bins you need to begin proper management of your waste stream. Just drop your soiled materials in the collection containers and we’ll do the rest.


Step 3: CRI Removes Soiled Absorbents

Once your drums and bins are full, or on your next regularly scheduled pick up, we remove the used absorbents from your facility, leaving you with a freshly cleaned supply of new products. This ensures you never go a day without the materials you need.


Step 4: CRI Drops Off Quality Oil Absorbent Products

We complete the closed-loop process by making scheduled or on-demand visits, dropping off a fresh supply of oil absorbent products and picking up drums and bins filled with soiled and saturated absorbents. Then we start the circle of waste stream management all over again… leaving you clean and green.